Matcha Sakura Mushipan 抹茶桜蒸しパン


Matcha Sakura Mushipan 抹茶桜蒸しパン

mushipan or japanese steamed cup bread (actually they taste more cake than bread) seem to be all the rage these days. i've tried them from a few local bakeries and thought they tasted artificially soft and fluffy, as if emulsifiers had been used. the cute shape and endless flavor combinations caught my attention so i bought three books on mushipan just to try out (crazy, i know).

Matcha Sakura Mushipan 抹茶桜蒸しパン

to be frank, i felt these were pretty one-note. while the matcha flavor did stand out and was a nice contrast with the pickled sakura, i got bored with it after awhile. perhaps a "surprise center" like a red or white bean paste would be nice and that is exactly what i would do if i were to make these again. plus side is they're steamed so its good for the health-conscious, and very easy to make. i'll be trying somemore from my two other books so we shall see then!


recipe source : cup bread by akemi komatsuzaki

*recipe removed due to copyright restrictions.

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