pretty excited about this coz its the 1st time i'm using oval molds for my entremets, attempted caramel glaze and also dabbled with a new ingredient - the buddha's hand citron or bushukan in japanese. the citron is pretty similar to lemon in taste and texture, the only funny thing is there isn't any pulp or seeds in there, just peel & pith. tastewise i find it sweeter and more aromatic than lemon and its easily my favorite citrus now.

Bergamote - Cut

components for this entremet are citron dacquoise, bergamot supreme mousse insert, milk choc mousse all infused with the buddha's hand citron, plus a caramel fleur de sel brilliance glaze. since the instructions from the book i got the recipe from were really brief, i took the opportunity to do some adaptations on my own. the end result, dare i say, was really really good! i mean, who can say no to the lemon/chocolate combo? i also purposely overcooked the caramel for the glaze, letting it burn a little, hence lending a slightly bitter taste. so the overall taste was REALLY like earl grey, even though no earl grey was used. its just perfect! and this is by far the neatest glaze i've ever done, practice makes perfect i guess. really happy with it :D

if you can't get hold of the buddha's hand citron, feel free to substitute the recipe with lemon and adjust the amount of zest to your liking.

recipe source : monter au plus haut du ciel by hayashi syuhei (正统派法国糕点的究极美味 by 林 周平)

*recipe removed due to copyright restrictions.

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