24 March 2014

Yuzu Chiffon Cake ゆずシフォンケーキ

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what an awesome sunday it was! i recently got to know a new friend via instagram - shirley of littlemissbento which i'm pretty sure many of you have heard of her. she's an amazing bento artist and instructor and her kyarabens (character bentos) are simply too stunning and perfect for words! i was even more surprised (elated, actually) that we're both residing in the same country, my only regret was not knowing her earlier! after leaving comments and liking each other's photos on instagram for a month or so, we took our conversation to whatsapp and hit off immediately! we both agreed to meet up to bake, which is the first for me actually. so far i haven't met someone up for the first time just to bake. all my baking buddies and i were acquainted for awhile before we decided to bake together. but it was perfectly alright for me and i was really excited about it! while i think shirley is a good baker as well (her tarts, bread and wagashi among other things are amazing), she wasn't too confident about whisking egg whites so i told her i will troubleshoot with her together so we decided on a yuzu chiffon cake. i'm definitely not an expert but i make macarons like all the time, so egg whites isn't much of a problem for me. i was only praying that i wouldn't make a fool of myself and end up with an uglyass cake lol.

09 March 2014

Croissants クロワッサン

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the first time i made croissants was two years ago. i took a random recipe off a blog and it turned out very badly - leaking butter, layers not distinctive, blisters on the surface after baking. i wasn't sure if it were due to my lack of skill or what but after that i was pretty scarred i felt i just wasn't cut out to make laminated dough of any sort. i've been getting my fix from paul and maison kayser and recently, JOHAN, a japanese bakery inside isetan. since japanese recipes all worked out for me somehow and never once had i failed from it, i decided to try out once more. japanese are damn good at making artisan breads by the way, their standard is on par with the european counterparts, if not better.

13 February 2014

Matcha Sakura Ukishima 抹茶桜の浮島

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i hope its not too early to start on some springtime sweets! ukishima translates as "floating island" which is one of the simpler wagashis to make. its a steamed cake made of anko (or shiro-an, in this case) and is usually done in two or three layers. basically it symbolizes the arrival of spring, with its soil layer in brown, followed by a white layer which represents snow, then green (sprouts) and pink (flowers). i made only two layers since i really like the combination of matcha and sakura.

20 January 2014

Matcha Mont Blanc 抹茶のモンブラン

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happy new year, guys! as you can see, i made this during christmas so its an overdue post. i wasn't planning on making something christmassy like a buche but i thought this looked like a tree so it was quite apt too! i also had these slanted-side tart tins for sometime now which i wanted to use for hidemi sugino's fig tart but i couldn't find any figs but i'm glad these had been put into good use.

20 December 2013

Coffee Polka Dotted Roll Cake コーヒー水玉ロールケーキ

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you know how much i love junko's roll cake and among so many roll cake recipes i've tried, hers is still the best in terms of taste, texture and flexibility in rolling. like a good basic macaron batter, all you need is just one to experiment with other endless flavor possibilities. i'm not usually a fan of instant coffee from grocery stores since most are too acidic for my liking but i went to isetan last weekend and chanced upon this UCC one from japan which is really really good. its not acidic at all and is pretty strong and full-bodied so i decided to add it into my favorite recipe to make a coffee roll cake. also jazzed it up a little by adding cocoa powder to part of the batter to make the dots. turned out fab!


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