Brésilienne ブレジリエンヌ


Brésilienne ブレジリエンヌ

when i bought hidemi sugino's book, this was one of the first entremets i wanted to try out - a coffee and caramel mousse cake but i ended putting off coz i couldn't find the right mousse rings. and when i managed to find the right one, it was the wrong size. was pretty dismayed coz it looked less elegant than his original masterpiece but oh well, this would have to do until i go hunt for the right ones in japan.

Brésilienne ブレジリエンヌ

components are coffee biscuit joconde, a cognac soaking syrup, caramel mousse, coffee mousse and nappage neutre glaze. it was really really good, had my family try and they all liked it! i guess the main thing is that the combination of coffee and caramel is really amazing and as with all hidemi sugino's cakes, it wasn't too sweet. what i didn't like was that i find the coffee mousse too bitter for my liking and it actually went on the verge of being acidic as its the norm with all instant coffee powder. i used nescafe gold but i would go for a better quality coffee next time. i also had minor issues with the coffee brush strokes as it kinda dissolved when i got the glaze on. very tricky. maybe i should use chocolate next time like when i made the b-caraibe.

i will not be posting the recipe. if you've made some of sugino's entremets from the recipes i posted in the past and enjoyed them, i really recommend buying the book if you haven't already. out of some 8 recipes i've tried out so far, none had disappointed and i always look forward to make his entremets each time coz they're so enjoyable to make and eat.

*eta : some of you were asking if this book has an english version. unfortunately, no. its a japanese book but the ingredient list is in french & japanese. if you're familiar with making entremets i believe you will not have much problem with the steps.

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