Matcha Granola 抹茶グラノーラ



i bought some freeze-dried raspberries from and thought it would be a great addition to a batch of granola. matcha granola seems to be a hit these days and for a matcha fanatic like me, this was not to be missed. i came across this recipe from a japanese website and honestly, i haven't made much granola to know whether it was good or not. my first and last granola recipe was from joyofbaking and it was soooo good i just stuck with it all these years.


what i liked about this recipe was the pairing of sesame seed, brown rice (genmai?) flakes and chestnut with matcha, it looked and sounded really good. unfortunately i didn't have any of those so i whipped up a basic batch with macadamia, cashews, freeze-dried raspberries and craisins (dried cranberries). it wasn't too sweet so it was good. what i didn't like was the addition of flour with matcha, it became very floury and powdery even after baking so it was difficult to eat on its own. it wasn't too bad with cold milk but whats a granola if i can't eat it on its own?

recipe is from here and i'm pretty sure i had the ingredients and steps correct. somehow it just turned out...weird.

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