05 April 2012

Sakura Rare Cheese Dessert 桜ホワイトレアチーズ

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Sakura Rare Cheese Dessert 桜ホワイトレアチーズ

not sure if there was ever a time you saw a recipe and HAD to attempt immediately? for me, this just happened to be it. i'm usually able to wait (at least til the next day) but when i saw this, i so wanted to make it rightaway that i actually went hunting for cream cheese and yogurt in the middle of the night lol. this is just so dainty and pretty i knew the taste was gonna be fantastic (glad i was right)! its now spring and recipes using sakura have been popping up on various japanese websites. it was girls day/doll festival last month therefore i've also been seeing recipes using the three colors of white, green and pink as well. i thought hanami dango is the only japanese dessert that uses these three colors to commemorate the festival but i was wrong. lotsa puddings, cookies and cakes also incorporate this beautiful tricolor as well, can't wait to make some of them.

Sakura Rare Cheese Dessert 桜ホワイトレアチーズ

think of this dessert as a non-bake white chocolate cheesecake. the sakura jelly layer is tinted a lovely shade of pale pink with raspberry puree and then flavored with kirsch and sakura essence. i mentioned before that the sakura essence i got didn't really stand out coz it was so mild but it went extremely well with the raspberry puree and i thought it actually brought out the sakura flavor. amazing. the cheesecake layer was lovely too. the white chocolate, cream cheese and yogurt went really well together and i really like it. in fact, it would be a good base for all other non-bake cheesecakes so i'll be sticking to it from now on. i think it would also be a great idea to make it into a single cake. anyway i omitted the egg yolks used coz there was no way i could cook the mixture like for a creme anglaise and many recipes actually don't use yolks in a non-bake version so i just left it out. but i don't think it altered the taste in any way, plus no risk of salmonella. this recipe is definitely a keeper and i think i'm gonna make this again real soon!

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