Strawberry Chiffon イチゴシフォンケーキ


you know, daiso sells this whole series of japanese cooking & baking cookbooks (or rather, booklets) and despite not knowing a word of japanese, i went ahead and bought all of them. with 20 recipes per book at 2 bucks each, i think its a steal! i particularly like the one on chiffon cakes coz some of the recipes like spinach chiffon, genmaicha chiffon & red wine chiffon really appealed to me. i started by making the one i saw on the cover, a strawberry version.

Strawberry Chiffon イチゴシフォンケーキ

overall the taste was pretty good and quite similar to the purple sweet potato chiffon i made. not airy like sponge but it has this denser, still fluffy cotton-like texture like a japanese souffle cheesecake. the use of lemon juice (probably to preserve the color of the cake) made it slightly sourish but i liked it.

unfortunately i didn't manage to capture the cross section as it was really dark and rainy the past few mornings but it looked just like a regular chiffon i made so you'll have to use your imagination. i was also too lazy to frost the cake with creme chantilly so i left it as it is but you could do that.

recipe source : chiffon cake booklet from daiso (book #4)

*recipe removed due to copyright restrictions.

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