Sticky Date Pudding With Butterscotch Sauce


Sticky Date Pudding
finally i've waited long enough for dates to be on the shelves again so i jumped at the change to try my hands on another recipe. my previous attempt last year was too cakey and i really wanted a pudding-like one this time. when i saw felicia's entry on it, i told myself i HAD to make it. hers look really really good! the truth is, this one is cake-like too but better than my previous. i'm wondering if i shd hv underbaked it a little but nonetheless its really delicious, with or without the sauce and ice cream. and OMG, i finally succeeded in scooping a one-spoon ice cream quenelle, much to my delight :D i've always wanted to scoop a quenelle coz its really elegant but the two-spoon method don't quite cut it for me. after much practice, i can safely say - i'm getting there!!

Sticky Date Pudding
this recipe is definitely a keeper consider its not too sweet and that its pretty low in fat (uses only 60g butter) if eaten without the sauce and ice cream. love it to bits! and despite hearing raves about the really expensive medjool dates, i decided i didn't wanna splurge so i bought the mazafati dates instead. they're really really good, very moist and sweet and most importantly, cheap! i'm getting more boxes of these dates to last me til next year.

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