ever since i bought a nice wooden table from IKEA which was meant to be a proper table for photography at my balcony area, i realize i like having breakfast there as well. my balcony is breezy and well lit in the morning and its just so calm and serene sitting there having a leisurely breakfast. that was part of the reason for this entry. another reason was coz i woke up this morning feeling the need to practice on my food styling, something which i'm always very lazy to do coz i just simply suck at it (read : no talent) and the idea of having extra things to wash up just don't appeal to me. but with all the props that i'm constantly purchasing, i think i might as well just make the best out of everything.


so yea, here's breakfast - coffee, milk and my favorite cinnamon raisin bagel from NYC bagel factory. i didn't used to hv the habit of having bagels for breakfast until i had one from starbucks recently. it was so good toasted and lavishly slathered with lurpak butter and philly cream cheese. from then, bagels became a staple breakfast food at home :p

Bagel & Coffee


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