12 July 2010

A Simple Japanese Lunch

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when i want something simple (and most importantly low fat), i'll invariably choose to cook simple japanese food at home. i usually hv chawanmushi and miso soup as well but since i was feeling lazy i just whipped up sushi and cold soba noodles.

A Simple Japanese Lunch

its a good thing that daiso is bringing in more stuff like nori sheets in a pack of 5, various sauces and dressings, a whole wide range of furikakes and canned mackerel so i don't hv to hunt for them in supermarkets. this is also the 1st time i've tried making the inside-out sushi and i was feeling pretty apprehensive at 1st. i definitely need more practice but the mess could be minimized if you place two layers of cling wrap (saran wrap) at the top and bottom so its easier to flip the whole thing over. i also managed to achieve the right fluffy texture for the rice. it used to be either too mushy or undercooked for me in the past and after reading up on some tips on how to cook sushi rice, i found out the guideline is to use about 2.5 cups water to every 2 cups rice.




Judy said...

I have not attempted to make sushi as I learnt that the rice has got be done right. You have done yours so well that I 've got to learn from you. My daughters love soba , sushi and anything jap.

Michelle said...

hoho soba is simple, but sushi? i always find sushi takes a long time to make. from cooking the rice, to preparing ingredients, to rolling the rolls. (:

Marchand-Arvier Mari said...

<span>Awesome pictures, i love it!

bossacafez said...

haha ok la its still considered simple and i think practice makes perfect also. suppose if u don't prepare the mafan ingredients like tamago or whatever still ok. afterall cucumber, yellow pickled radish, crabsticks and seaweed are straight from the pack ma :D

Karen See said...

I love cold soba! Awesome food for lunch!

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