25 December 2009

Happy Holidays!

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Happy Holidays!

christmas this year is rather disappointing coz i didn't manage to make any x'mas goodies. i was up to my elbows with orders even until the eve itself and these peppermint dark chocolate macarons you see here were specially requested by a customer, else i wouldn't hv anything festive to post. i had lotsa things in mind to bake actually - panforte, stained glass cookies, two-toned peppermint marshmallows and white choc rum truffles coated with four different toppings but in the end, i made none.

22 December 2009

Pierre Hermé's Macarons!

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Pierre Hermé's Macarons

it was a dream come true to finally be able to taste pierre hermé's macarons, thx to my lovely friend vickii who so generously shared them with me. of coz, i must also thank vickii's BFF who got them for her from tokyo. since i only wanted ONE BITE, i was elated to see a pretty row of exquisite looking gems that i almost squealed in excitement :p definitely a bonus to be able to try so many flavors. flavors as seen : mogador, macha marron, rose, chocolat, montebello & cafe.

18 December 2009

Corporate Christmas Order - Discovery Travel & Living

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Corporate X'mas Order - Discovery Travel & Living

i feel extremely honored to be given the opportunity to bake for discovery travel & living and their clients this x'mas. 45 boxes of assorted bakes, 3 days of non-stop baking (minus very little rest & sleeping time), i suddenly feel very accomplished. while i'm not really a stranger to big orders, this one must be the biggest yet! very challenging indeed. planning started weeks ago and it was fun to jot down the massive amt of ingredients used (i used close to 30 blocks of butter & 200 eggs) and go shopping for packaging and ingredients.

10 December 2009

Pumpkin Puree Soup With Burnt Sage Butter

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Pumpkin Puree Soup
gnocchi must not like me very much, coz i tried making it twice and failed. first time i mashed the potatoes using the hand blender and they turned out too watery. second time i added too little egg and the gnocchi separated upon boiling! and with the sage leaves already bought (planned to make potato gnocchi with burnt sage butter initially) i had to think of something else.

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