Pierre Hermé's Macarons!


Pierre Hermé's Macarons

it was a dream come true to finally be able to taste pierre hermé's macarons, thx to my lovely friend vickii who so generously shared them with me. of coz, i must also thank vickii's BFF who got them for her from tokyo. since i only wanted ONE BITE, i was elated to see a pretty row of exquisite looking gems that i almost squealed in excitement :p definitely a bonus to be able to try so many flavors. flavors as seen : mogador, macha marron, rose, chocolat, montebello & cafe.

Pierre Hermé's Macarons

cafe, montebello & rose. montebello is my favorite flavor among the lot. with pistachio ganache & raspberry compote center, its irresistable!

Pierre Hermé's Macarons

macha marron, mogador (passionfruit milk choc) and chocolat. eating macha marron reminds me of mont blanc, very nice!

i hope i'll get to go tokyo very soon (tentatively next apr) and when i do i promise to conquer all the patisseries there and lug home lots and lotsa goodies from pierre herme & sadaharu AOKI!

edited :

since we're at the topic of pierre hermé, just wanna show off showcase some of these miniature toys claire got for me from the PH boutique in japan last year. there are total of 11 sets and here are three of them :

Pierre Hermé Miniatures

on the left : assorted PH entremets (spot the plaisir sucre!), right is the satine range if i'm not wrong.

Pierre Hermé Miniatures

fetish ispahan set. and so far i've tried recreating three ispahan desserts - the emotion ispahan (verrine), macaron ispahan & tarte ispahan. maybe when i'm feeling adventurous i might wanna try making the miss gla-gla and the millefeuille ispahan :p i really adore the lychee rose & raspberry combination and i think PH is a genius!! actually not just me, i'm sure everyone thinks so too :D

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