Blue Cheese & Pear Burger @ Home


Homemade Blue Cheese & Pear Burger
ever since i had the blue cheese & pear burger from relish by wild rocket, i couldn't stop thinking about it. even after a second trip there (which i've yet to blog abt), i *still* find myself thinking about it. and since i couldn't afford their burgers anymore (its 17 bucks!) i had to make it myself, and i'm so glad i did. i only wish i made it earlier coz it tasted SO GOOD.

Homemade Blue Cheese & Pear Burger
i've been on the lookout for small burger buns for quite sometime coz i think they're cuter. hadn't been able to find until i chanced upon these gardenia lite meal buns at marketplace, raffles city after our outing last sat. i cheated by using canned pears tho'. they're ok but lacked the crunch of poached pears and since i didn't hv any walnut butter, it was normal butter for me. minced beef is so ex by the way. at $3+ for 100g, i bought 300g so it already set me back by about 10 bucks. and since its my 1st attempt on making burger patties i really didn't know what to expect. hearing stories that it might fall apart during cooking, i'm glad it didn't happen to me especially when i didn't use any breadcrumbs. i just added minced onion, worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper & a wee bit of beaten egg into the beef mixture.

Homemade Blue Cheese & Pear Burger
end result was a gorgeous gorgeous burger, consider it my 1st attempt! hubby was extremely skeptical when i was cooking and kept on passing negative remarks like "blue cheese, smells like poo", "why is the patty so thick?" and "don't gimme rocket leaves, they're so bitter i don't like it". but when he ate the burger, his eyes lit up immediately and he was all praise. he said the combination tasted really fantastic, given that he would otherwise turn his nose up at the "individual components". glad he liked it, coz that was all it really matters :)

and so that was our lovely lunch, or rather brunch, washed down with freshly ground waitrose' columbian coffee. we both had two burgers each since it was rather small and we didn't make any fries to go along. now i hv to think of how to use up the leftover rocket leaves. i'm thinking of a parma ham pizza with shaved parmigiano reggiano :D

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