French Earl Grey Tea Ice Cream


French Earl Grey Tea Ice Cream

to be frank, making tea ice cream isn't something on my to-do list despite the fact that i love this combination alot. my favorite tea ice cream of all time must be canele patisserie's earl grey ice cream (packs a punch!) as well as island creamery's teh tarik ice cream. the reason is coz i think it takes alot of tea leaves to really bring out the flavor and aroma especially when ingredients like cream and milk are usually very overpowering. i made chocolate macarons with earl grey dark choc ganache before so i know. but there's so much tea leaves waiting to be used up and i don't normally like making tea on its own, i figured out it'll be faster to use them in baking/desserts.


i used TWG's french earl grey tea leaves for the ice cream. there are little bits of blue cornflowers inside tho' i'm not exactly sure what purpose they serve. but they do make the leaves look really pretty. and i love TWG's tea lots! so far i've bought quite a variety of loose tea from there - french earl grey, geisha blossom, timeless, moroccan mint, christmas lights etc. they're all good and if i were to compare, i definitely prefer TWG to gryphon. i do hope that one day i'll get to try mariage frères!

French Earl Grey Tea Ice Cream

for this ice cream, i used my trusty vanilla bean ice cream recipe as the base. what i did was - boil a few tbsps of tea leaves with the milk then leave it in the fridge to infuse overnight. before you discard the leaves, remember to give them a good squeeze! then proceed to make the ice cream as usual. i really like it, tho' i would prefer the earl grey aroma to be stronger. i added about 5 tbsps of the leaves to the milk so feel free to adjust to suit your preference.

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  1. Chelle2:17 PM

    I so get what you mean by using tea in desserts. No matter how much tea I add, the flavour just doesn't come out as much as I'd like! Maybe what's lacking is bergamot oil...

    I've made earl grey ice-cream before and while im not sure if it's earl grey that i taste, there is definitely a strong tea taste cos i used like 5 tea bags or TWG earl grey to soak in the cream, and cut open some of the tea bags to add the leaves into the ice-cream. 

    DO TRY cedele's ice cream. i just realised how awesome their ice-cream are. I think you might like the earl grey with fig. Other nice flavours are the pear riesling sorbet and caramel sea salt (with almonds). i've been spreading the word on cedele ice-cream since i last ate it...(:

  2. bossacafez10:17 PM

    i agree, which is why i wish there's something like earl grey essence or extract that we can add in. cedele has ice cream?? i didn't know! the flavors u mentioned sound exactly like my kinda thing!! thx for the recommendation dear, i'll definitely try it out the nx time i go ;)

  3. Irene1:40 AM

    Oh, how lovely.  I think tea gives ice cream a whole new level of sophistication, and it's the perfect note on which to end a meal!  Love the photos, as always!

  4. TripleScoop3:33 AM

    Great looking Ice Cream. 


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