Macarons @ Jewels Artisan Chocolates


Macarons From Jewels Artisan Chocs

just the other day, the gf and i made a trip to jewels at orchard central to try their macarons. technically speaking i wouldn't call this a patisserie but rather, a chocolaterie since they only serve very few things like chocolate cakes, bonbons & chocolate beverages and macarons. nothing caught our eye on the menu so we just had macarons. we ordered all 5 flavors available. from top to bottom : the black palm island salt, green tea, butterfly pea bloom, passionfruit & raspberry.

Macarons From Jewels Artisan Chocs

for once, a hyped-up place didn't disappoint. at $2 a pop, their macarons are really really good! both the gf and i being "in the pastry line" enjoyed them thoroughly. they hv what good macarons should be - crisp shells with chewy innards and the flavor pairing were also good. to be frank i especially went there for the black palm island salt with salted egg yolk filling macaron, it was really yummy with a balance between sweet & savory. my first impression was it tasted like a custard bun that you would normally find at dim sum restaurants, then mooncake came to my mind too!

you can read more about the flavors on jewels' website here. i'm definitely going back for more!

Strawberry Shortcake, Canele Patisserie

after that we went for a 2nd round of desserts at canele patisserie. we had the strawberry shortcake, earl grey ice cream (!!!!!), bergamot blue tea and caramel latte. canele is one place that hasn't disappointed so far so i find myself going back again and again. i love their strawberry shortcake (and just about everything else actually).

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  1. Chelle11:58 AM

    oooo i so do love canele's strawberry shortcake. that and the matcha one.. the chocolate cakes are nice but sometimes can be just a bit too much. ;) wish i can know how to make such nice strawberry shortcake...

  2. bossacafez11:48 PM

    yes i agree, the chocolate cakes can be quite overwhelming, like the jupiter. so its good to share among 3 or 4 :)  exact sentiments abt the strawberry shortcake. hv u tried making yr own? i can never never get the light fluffy texture of the sponge, and i always either underwhip or overwhip the cream!! argh.

  3. Chelle5:20 PM

    haha tried once, for my father's birthday last yr, it wasnt as fluffy as i wanted it to be though...i should try again...but only when strawberries are in season, the last time i tried the berries wasnt in season so it was not sweet at all. :( ooo i also wanna try my hand at fraiser! (: AND i always overwhip the cream haha....

  4. bossacafez8:50 PM

    you totally should! i think you hv a flair for french patisserie, which is really quite a rare sight in sg :D


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