Vanilla Spiced Poached Pears


Honey Belle Pears

lately i've been seeing lotsa honey belle pears at the supermarket and for sometime i actually mistook them for forelle pears coz both varieties hv got this blush of red. these are sweet & crunchy and while i totally appreciate the sweetness, i just don't like them crunchy. i really like my pears soft so i decided to poach them. it took me sometime to find the right recipe coz lotsa poached pears recipes use either red wine or dessert wine, something which i do not feel like splurging on at the moment.

Sugar & Spice

i finally found the perfect recipe from helen of tartelette's website, its very simple and only uses the few ingredients like spices, sugar & water. i tweaked the recipe a little and substituted the nutmeg for black peppercorns coz i vaguely recalled this candied orange peel recipe by pierre herme that uses black peppercorns and it was fantastic.

Vanilla Spiced Poached Pears

these poached pears are really good! so aromatic and tender i just couldn't get enough of them! hubby, who's usually not a fan of spices asked for second helpings and even suggested i make pancakes and drizzle them with the spiced syrup reduction. ingenious idea, and so i made that and they turned out really yummy!

recipe source : tartelette

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