Buttercream Flower Cakes


i had a couple of orders for these buttercream flower cakes for the month of nov, and because this is not something i do on a regular basis nor did i openly say i'm taking orders for them, i'm surprised people would ask. i also felt the need to tell my customers i have very limited knowledge on piping flowers so i'll not be very good at it. heck, i'm not even good at frosting whole cakes but my customers were really nice about it, so i went ahead. it must be a good 6 months since i practiced piping any flowers, and i was a little apprehensive to be honest.

for this bouquet cake i did roses, ranunculus and some buds/berries. having gone overboard with the leaves for my first attempt on my wedding anniversary cake, i learned that "less is more".

for this wreath cake, its several styles of roses plus chrysanthemums and buds. not being very satisfied with the previous leaf color, i simply added matcha powder to the buttercream this time, its a lot lighter in color but also more natural.

another perspective.

and finally, a buttercream tulip cake. this is the first time i'm using such strong colors in cake decorating but i think it turned out pretty well.

if anything for these couple of attempts, its that i'm really getting better at piping roses (i think). i also realized that piping flowers is really more about the technique, variety and color combination than "which tip to use". its a challenging thing for me since i don't attend any classes for these, not even the wilton method. not 100% happy with my attempts of course, but with constant practice, i know i can be better.

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