Matcha Marbled Pound Cake


probably the last time i'm using my loaf tins before packing them away into storage. we're getting ready to move pretty soon and i think it will be an exciting journey. but before that, some good ol' pound cake to start the day with. did you know that the name for pound cake originally meant a cake made using a pound each of butter, sugar, eggs and flour? i have no idea how much it would make but 1 pound of sugar (450g) is just crazy. this is probably why i like japanese recipes so much. their recipes are much lighter without sacrificing the taste and texture.


this recipe uses not much butter and sugar in comparison but uses quite a bit of ground almonds. the addition of kuromame (black beans) which i got in a tiny can from isetan also gave it a nice texture. taste wise was quite good. the cake was tender, crumbly and not too sweet though i think it could use more matcha. 2 tsps for a cake? definitely not enough.

recipe from here. personally i really like this website. did i mention the japanese hotcakes i made using this website's recipe were really awesome? tasted like morinaga's mix totally.

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