Vanille Rouge ヴァニーユ・ルージュ


Vanille Rouge ヴァニーユ・ルージュ

wow ok, it must be eons ago (10 months, to be exact!) since i last made an entremet. i was afraid if i don't make one soon, i'll *really* forget how to do it. i was in a mood for something pink and pretty so i decided on a berry entremet. while no stranger to berry entremets (i've made countless - hidemi sugino's paradis, fruits rouges, sous bois etc), i've not made a sliced one like this so i was really looking forward to it.

Vanille Rouge ヴァニーユ・ルージュ

from bottom : almond dacquoise, raspberry gelee, raspberry mousse, biscuit amandes, vanilla bavarois, another layer of gelee

i made this within 3 hours and while it tasted nice, it was nothing really outta the ordinary. on the contrary, the mint, which was supposed to be used as a garnish, complemented the entremet really well and took away some of the tartness from the raspberry gelee. the family and i agreed that a mint component could be incorporated in future so i'm thinking if i were to make this again, i would either substitute the raspberry gelee or mousse with a mint gelee or mint mousse instead.

i was also really surprised at my cake-cutting skills. they turned out neater than i thought, consider i haven't practiced making sliced entremets in a long time.

Vanille Rouge ヴァニーユ・ルージュ

recipe is taken from here, in case you're interested. this one is by chef koji yamamoto of patisserie planetes. if you could remember, i made an entremet called fraise exotique before, its by the same chef and i think his sliced entremets look really awesome! can't wait to try making other creations of his.

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