Moffles モッフル


Moffles モッフル

moffles are mochi waffles that are currently a big hit in japan! crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside, they can be paired with either a sweet or savory topping. they can also be eaten like a sandwich with a filling. i made these for breakfast this morning and didn't feel like using my DSLR so i just took a pic with my phone.

i was tempted to buy a moffles maker but since my "professional" waffle maker had been underutilized all these while, i decided to use it to make moffles instead. the original one uses dried mochi sheets but since i didn't have any on hand, i improvised by using dango dough. i did it by mixing joshinko, shiratamako and water and kneaded it into a dough, just like how you would make dango, then placed it onto the waffle maker. it turned out really nicely and i paired it with strawberries and condensed milk. matcha ice cream and anko would be good as well though i don't really wanna go there now. i'm going to try a savory filling next time, say, ham & cheese or even kimchi!

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