Yeongeun Jorim 연근조림 (Korean Lotus Root Banchan)


Yeongeun Jorim 연근조림

i realized i haven't been making much korean food these days (not that i've been making much else actually). yeongeun jorim is korean lotus root side dish braised in a sweet salty soy glaze and is also one of my favorite side dishes. i actually have been wanting to make this many years back but the thought of having to scrub mud off those hard roots then slice them myself is really not very fun. happened to chance upon those vacuum-packed ones at the mart last week so i grabbed two packs and couldn't wait to try these out, never mind i didn't really have a recipe on hand (maangchi didn't post this, i think!) so i went looking through korean websites. luckily my korean is way better than japanese i managed to find one in no time.


basically i like the chewy sticky kind though alot of homemade ones are actually pretty light with some sauce. as you can see mine is quite dry coz i cooked them down quite abit. taste wise its really quite good - savory, appetizing and best served cold. its tooooo salty for me though. after comparing a few recipes i realized the recipe i used had too much soy sauce. nevertheless its still good but i'll definitely tone down the soy sauce a whole lot more in future.

anyway, i've been trying to live abit healthier these days. i've cut down ALOT on white sugar and flour so i haven't been baking much. actually i haven't been baking at all. i try to go raw whenever i can, else its mostly veggies and fruits + unrefined carbs. its definitely health over cakes and desserts now and i seriously feel happier these days!

recipe from here

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