Scones スコーン


Scones スコーン

recently i've been crazy with all that afternoon tea stuff. i simply love the idea of fine china, fresh flowers, petits fours, tea sandwiches and freshly baked goods. and, making scones have always been a challenge. even though its something simple i haven't really been able to succeed making it. it always turned out too tough, too sweet, too burnt etc. so i decided to give it another go!


i saw a basic scone recipe on cookpad and decided to try it since the recipe calls it an improved version with just half the butter. it turned out really well and i'm happy with the taste and texture, though initially the dough was really too wet to handle and i added about 1/2 cup more cake flour. was really afraid of it being too tough but luckily it turned out ok. i didn't have a 5cm cutter so i used a 4cm so they turned out like mini scones instead.

Berry Tea

i love fruit flavored teas and my favorites used to be TWG's timeless and geisha blossom. i now have a new favorite, the dilmah's berry sensation tea. the berry flavor is really distinctive and aromatic. i might wanna try to incorporate it in macarons and other desserts next time.


recipe is from cookpad.

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