Homemade Inarizushi Pouches


Aburaage 油揚げ

recently i discovered how to make inarizushi pouches while watching cooking with dog. silly me didn't realize that the pouches were made using aburaage (油揚げ) or fried tofu skins and to think i thought it was made using some hard to find japanese ingredient. it was sooo easy to make actually, and tasted really good. i used the shortcut method of using readymade fried tofu skins but i've seen some really adventurous people fried their own tofu so i need to give it a try someday.

Rilakkuma Inarizushi

would you like some rilakkuma inarizushi? this is something you could try with the pouches. i spent awhile doing these since i don't own the necessary bento tools. i only have a hole puncher which i used for the eyes and nose, the rest i cut them out freehand. very amateurish looking huh? i used egg whites for the nose and yolk for the ears (i fried them separately) but you could use processed sliced cheese or takuan (japanese pickled radish) if you have it. i don't usually have sliced cheese at home coz i really hate the taste of it so eggs are the way to go.

this video will show you how to make the seasoned aburaage. making your own dashi stock is really easy too. i simply boiled some water, added in a handful of bonito flakes and a kelp and let it stand for 15 mins then strain. once you've made these, you can either fill the pouches with sushi rice or use them in kitsune udon.

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