Shiro-an Ichigo Daifuku 白餡のいちご大福


Shiro-an Ichigo Daifuku 白餡のいちご大福

i've always thought theres only a kind of ichigo daifuku (strawberry mochi) out there, that is the one wrapped with anko. lately i've been seeing a few variations, some wrapped with matcha, some sweet potato. even this shiro-an (white bean paste) version is becoming quite a common sight, or maybe it was all along common but i didn't realize it. with a huge batch of shiro-an stashed away in the freezer and some leftover strawberries, this is a perfect dessert to make. since the mochi uses microwave method, it only takes about a minute and a half to do so its very quick.

Shiro-an Ichigo Daifuku 白餡のいちご大福

recipe's the same one i used for the regular ichigo daifuku but instead of anko i used shiro-an. color wise, i think the contrast is not there coz both the mochi skin & shiro-an are white. i would suggest coloring the mochi pink or even adding some matcha powder into the skin if you'd like. thats what i'm gonna do when i make it again, think it'll look very pretty!

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