PAUL Bakery & Maison Kayser



i was elated that these two french bakeries have opened up back to back on our shores so i couldn't wait to check them out! i first knew about eric kayser through his 'sweet and savory tarts' book and as for PAUL, with over 400 franchises worldwide, its hard not to have seen this name. having experienced very bad service on my 1st trip to PAUL, i knew better than to sit-in at the restaurant again. so takeaway it was.

Pain au Chocolat & Croissant

with artisan breads, pastries, tarts and even macarons on sale at PAUL, i was actually only interested in their pastries and croissants so i bought several to try. the pain au chocolat was good but i didn't like the croissant. it was dense, soggy and bread-y in texture.


on the other hand, maison kayser's croissant was amazing! it was light, fluffy and very crispy on the outside.

Tarte au Citron

i also bought a tarte citron. lemon aroma was light and refreshing and i actually prefer lemon tart that does not use a meringue topping to interfere with the lemony taste thus allowing the citrusy flavor to shine through.


and that is our breakfast for today! i wish i could have breakfast like this everyday, i think its time for me to dabble in croissant-making.

say, now that two famous french bakeries have set up here, i'll continue to hope that one day we'll have pierre hermé, ladurée or even arnaud larher in singapore!

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