30 December 2011

Mango Cheese Mousse Cake

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Mango Cheese Mousse Cake

hi guys, i'm back! for now at least :p today's my hubby's birthday and he really loves tropical flavors so i decided to make him something i came across a taiwanese pastry book. this is actually the 1st time i've made an entremet using something other than japanese and french books so i wasn't very confident about the outcome. true enough, i spotted quite a few mistakes along the way and this cake is a result of some major tweaking.

Mango Cheese Mousse Cake

from bottom : coconut dacquoise, spiced pineapple coulis, mango caramel compote, mango cream cheese mousse, mango gla├žage

first of all, the serving size was indicated wrongly. recipe was actually enough to make two cakes instead of one so i had alot of leftovers. secondly i had great expectation about the dacquoise coz i expected it to be moist and chewy just like pierre herme's hazelnut dacquoise in his plaisir sucre recipe but it wasn't. it was more cake-like. it wasn't bad, just not something i had in mind. the mango cream cheese mousse used too much italian meringue and whipping cream to lighten so i cut them down by quite abit. lastly, the mango glaze was way too diluted. i had to add 3 gelatin sheets in the end but it was still watery. i also added a brandy soaking syrup to the dacquoise else it would be too dry.

all in all, i wasn't too crazy about it though i thought the mango compote was quite good. hubby loved the cake to bits and even asked for second helpings! i guess thats all it matters since he's the birthday boy but it really makes me think twice about using a taiwanese recipe in future :(

*recipe removed due to copyright restrictions.
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