Purple Sweet Potato & Sesame Marble Cake


Purple Sweet Potato & Sesame Marble Cake

for as long as i can remember, i detested chiffon cakes and pound cakes alot. i used to associate them with local old-school kinda bakeries where the only flavors available were pandan and chocolate. but ever since coming across them in french and japanese cookbooks where the flavor combinations and decor wise were anything but boring, i started looking at them in a different light.

Purple Sweet Potato & Sesame Marble Cake

purple sweet potatoes are kinda like pantry staple these days. there are so many things i can do with them (think wagashi, mont blanc, chiffon) but currently on top of my to-bake list is this, the purple sweet potato & sesame marble pound cake from one of my favorite japanese cookbooks by junko fukuda, the same author of the chiffon cake book. so far i've only tried one other recipe from the book, the jasmine tea roll cake, it was good and i'm glad this one is too!

Purple Sweet Potato & Sesame Marble Cake

even tho' this is a pound cake, the whites are beaten separately hence the texture is not as dense. the cake also tastes and smells really awesome of sesame which in my opinion could be mistaken as peanut butter coz the two are pretty identical. the sprinkle of sesame seeds also provided a nice crisp crunch to the cake. definitely a keeper! only thing is, i must not be very skilled in making marbled cakes coz i couldn't really swirl the batter nicely. i just gave it a few brief stirs coz i was afraid to overdo it but i ended up underdoing it instead :( making cakes like this also means there would be double the utensils to wash up since you hv to separate the batter into two equal portions but its well worth the effort, thats for sure.

recipe source : 我♥和風洋菓子 by 福田淳子 (wa sweet recipe by junko fukuda)

*recipe removed due to copyright restrictions.

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