Lumiere by Toshi Yoroizuka


Lumiere by Toshi Yoroizuka
from bottom : compote exotique, lemon souffle cheese sponge, white choc mousse, creme chantilly, tempered white choc sheet

apart from sadaharu aoki & hidemi sugino, i was told that toshi yoroizuka (鎧塚 俊彦) is another prominent pastry chef in japan and if i were to go to japan i must visit his boutique at midtown tokyo. frankly, i've not heard of him so i googled and found out that this has quite alot of his recipes (i think its his official site). the only thing is they're in japanese and apart from ingredients used, the method & steps are not stated at all. this is actually not surprising consider that if you can attempt professional level cakes and entremets, you should hv already memorized the steps by heart. i wouldn't say i was very confident but i was up for the challenge. imagine, i had to rely solely on google translate to translate the text from japanese to english + make this without any written steps, its a little like playing with fire.

Lumiere by Toshi Yoroizuka
first of all, despite the fact that tropical fruits are so easily available in singapore, i've not tried making entremets with least not with a medley of 2-3 fruits. the last time i made something tropical was the mango panna cotta verrines early this year so i just wanted to give it a try. secondly, it looked simple enough so the chance of me botching things up would be minimized. so i went ahead but i tweaked the recipe a little. the recipe uses an all-egg yolk lemon sponge but i thought it was too much yolks for a cake so i used a japanese souffle cheese sponge instead and added lemon zest to it. for the pineapple in the compote, i used canned pineapples instead of fresh for fear that it wouldn't set due to the bromelain enzyme.

Lumiere by Toshi Yoroizuka
tastewise i'm not sure if it would be appropriate to say that its not too bad but not mind-blowing enough. i feel it could be better if i were to add spices like cinnamon & nutmeg to the compote. and since this is a tropical fruit-based dessert, perhaps an additional layer of coconut dacquoise or mango/passionfruit mousse would really do the trick. luckily i did add some malibu coconut rum to the imbibage (soaking syrup) and i will definitely improvise if i were to make this again. on a positive note, i'm glad that hubby is a bigger fan than i am, he finished 3 slices all on his own :p

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