Chinese Cookbooks


Chinese Cookbooks

my collection of chinese cookbooks, mostly on french patisserie and translated from japanese. i hv alot more chinese than english ones coz its really difficult to find english books on french/japanese patisserie and entremets. most french or japanese books would usually be translated to chinese, seldom are they translated to english so i'm really glad i can read them. i spent a small fortune on these but its still much cheaper than going to pastry school :p

Chinese Cookbooks

i usually buy my books from books kinokuniya, pageone @ vivocity but recently i've taken to buying them online from they're really efficient and i usually receive my books within TWO days via DHL express. most books are usually cheaper but some would be more expensive. my latest buy is pierre herme's le larousse des desserts and le goût authentique retrouvé by hidemi sugino (in japanese). can't wait to put them into good use!

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  1. Girl Paraphernalia3:31 PM

    Do you have the translated? I'm in Japan, so, if you need anything, let me know = ) 

  2. bossacafez3:37 PM

    thank you, but i can't read japanese. i'll hv to read the chinese translated ones, and those are not available in japan.

  3. ahh this was what u meant when u said the recipes were in chinese :b i had no idea they were translated to chinese! Sadly, my chinese in school has always been rusty (28/100..)..haha. That said, am looking forward to more lovely posts from you :)

  4. Girl Paraphernalia8:17 PM

    Ah.. okay, so you can read chinese, I see, in any case, if there's anything you may need from here, let me know.  I admire your skills, and I know how hard it is to get ingredients sometimes (Japan is SOOO expensive, esp raw cream.

    I can't wait to see what you make from the cook book = ) 

  5. bossacafez11:48 PM

    hehe thank you :)  thing is, i want ALOT of things from japan!! i wish you could ship pastries and macarons from sadaharu AOKI & hidemi sugino to meeeee haha. oh yea everything is expensive in japan right? but i heard their cream, milk & butter are really good. do you think so?

    i can't wait to use my hidemi sugino book, which is in japanese btw. i can't read japanese so i hv to figure out the steps myself. luckily the measurement of ingredients are in french, which i can figure out a little bit.

  6. Prerna@IndianSimmer12:21 AM

    Haha.. Wow!

  7. Chelle12:03 AM

    <p>i just borrowed a stack of chinese baking books from the library. i think i shld take a pic to show u. some of them looks like what u have. haha. im thinking which ones shld i get. (the bad thing is - i want most of em!!!) lol.

  8. Jess @ Bakericious5:52 AM

    wow so many books, envy!

  9. bossacafez9:34 AM

    haha seriously, library got so many books to borrow meh? everytime i go there'll just be like 1 or 2 copies of those super chef books. yea, show me pls! and u sure u will buy and not scan? haha

  10. Chelle11:14 AM

    haha donno ley. the urge to own them so i can flip through them all the time is getting stronger and i borrowed gregoire michaud's "never skip dessert" cos i was eying to buy that book! i flipped through it and it's like a lust man i tell u.... ;)

  11. I love collecting cookbooks as well~~ i am just waiting to find a nice white shelf to put them all in!
    I love that Taiwanese website as well ^^

  12. Celina3:21 AM

    不知道您也是台灣人 :-D
    Pierre Herme 的大師糕點我五分鐘前也剛剛從博客來訂購呢~

  13. bossacafez4:15 AM

    celina 你好,我不是台湾人,我是新加坡人  :-D  我觉得那本书还好而已,对我来说太简单了而且不便宜。但我超喜欢博客来,他们真的很 efficient!

  14. bossacafez9:07 AM

    <span>celina 你好,我不是台湾人,我是新加坡人  :-D  我觉得那本书还好而已,对我来说太简单了而且不便宜。要是pierre herme 另外一本ph10有华文翻译的该多好。但我超喜欢博客来,他们真的很 efficient!</span>

  15. Kahling7:42 AM

    Hi, can I check normally which books are cheaper? Cos I tried to order nt$5000 of books and the shipping charges were nt$3000. Btw books on the site are discounted at the moment.


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