13 September 2010

Cream of Carrot Soup

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Cream of Carrot Soup
had a bunch of carrots and potatoes that needed getting rid of and i really couldn't think of any way to use them up. i didn't wanna cook any chinese style soups with them coz that means i'll hv to buy meat just for that. i decided on a cream of carrot soup and while googling aimlessly and striking off some of the carrot puree soups that needed crystallized ginger and curry powder, i came across this recipe by ju of thelittleteochew that didn't require any of those. having made cream-laden soups like clam chowder before, i very much prefer this kind that uses very little cream but is instead thickened naturally with potatoes. the soup is sweet, flavorful and satisfying!

Bacon Cheddar & Chive Muffins
i also made a batch of savory muffins to go with the soup. these bacon cheddar and chive muffins were from an old recipe that i posted when i started baking four years ago. these i feel, were even better than my first attempt coz even tho' i don't make any muffins these days, i must hv mastered the art of folding the batter somehow! with the use of double-acting baking powder, they turned out very light and fluffy fresh from the oven and when cooled, the texture is denser and resemble somewhat between a scone & english muffin. i thought i was being quite the joker to use chinese chives last time coz i didn't know what english chives were lol.

Cream of Carrot Soup

recipe source : thelittleteochew


Irene said...

The recipe I needed for tonight! I am in the same situation, need to get rid of carrots and potatoes :)
The photos are amazing! Perfect styling and light!

pickyin said...

Great looking soup without so much cream. Where do you get those cute wooden spoons?

Ju (The Little Teochew) said...

So glad to see this replicated by you, Evan! Perfect with the savoury muffins, especially freshly baked ones ... OMG, they look so fluffy and light. I better hide my post tho ... my pics are really trash next to yours!!!

bossacafez said...

its a really good recipe, thx again for sharing ju :)  and what trash!! how can say such things of yr photos? haha

Ian Low said...

nice ... been lookin to do more diff types of soups ...

Kathryn said...

I love this time of year- it's the perfect soup weather!<span>  </span>I recently made tortellini sausage soup, but your soup looks WAY better!

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