Lemon Curd


Lemon Curd
i hv a weakness for lemon curd. when i first tasted a jar of waitrose organic lemon curd, i knew i had to make some myself. that was many years back and it (homemade, not storebought!) became a pantry staple ever since. i like having it with scones, tarts and as a filling for macarons. and this time round i decided to try out a lemon curd recipe from cannelle et vanille's blog coz i got curious after seeing the recipe. first of all it doesn't require any cornflour and secondly the way its cooked is exactly how you would a creme anglaise or ice cream. the one i frequently use is actually good enough but there'd always be some annoying bits of cooked egg whites in there and i'd often end up picking them out or blending them back in.

Lemon Curd & Tartlet Shells
tastewise, this one is more liquidy and very tart since it uses only 35g of sugar and no cornflour but i really like how smooth and creamy it is. the texture is almost like creme patissiere and the color pale like mayonnaise! i used them to fill some leftover tartlet shells from my previous order, sans meringue topping this time.

Lemon Curd
recipe from cannelle et vanille

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  1. Just beautiful! I love these photos and the combination of blue and yellow. Lemon curd is one of my favorites "confiture".


  2. Friday Delights12:54 AM

    I just love your blog. Beautiful pictures…thanks for posting, Luv it!!!

  3. shirley@kokken696:50 AM

    Evan, love that lemon cured and love all your photos. You are really good at taking bright breezy photos with light background - very Donna Hay look. I struggle when I try to create similar images. Oh, yes, Waitrose- I am rather fixated with the brand now -ever since I started on their corn flakes :) ...

  4. bossacafez10:29 AM

    thx shirley :)  it helps i'm using natural lighting + manual mode on cam + photoshop. i used AV mode for the longest time until i discovered that manual gives me more flexibility to adjust how bright i want my pictures to be. maybe you could give it a try too if you haven't already.

    i haven't tried waitrose's cornflakes before, they're good?


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