14 April 2010

Pretty In Pastels

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just a random post. don't you just love pastel & soft shades like these? i'm adore them! clockwise from top left : strawberry yogurt smoothie, strawberry shortcake, matcha souffle roll cake, berries.

nothing much going on lately but i think i won't be baking as often. am trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle by cutting down on sugar, simple carbs (white flour/rice etc), processed food & meat. shall spare you the boring health talk but i'll wanna see how far i can go with this. wish me luck.


Spicy Green Mango said...

I concur! Love the softness of this collage of sweets..so decadent! And berries always make the perfect culinary models.

Chelle said...

all the best in succeeding with your healthier lifestyle! mayhaps photos of healthier lifestyle coming up in the future? ;) i wish i had your determination, i always say i want to cut back on my diet to lose weight but i cant help baking goodies. it's like an addiction i swear. someone should set up a bakers anonymous or something. teehee.

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