Salt & Pepper Calamari


Salt & Pepper Calamari
its been eons since i made something other than desserts! so i've decided to try out something savory this time, just to make sure my "cooking skill" hasn't gone all rusty :p i've been buying quite alot of cookbooks lately and one of my recent addition is this one called 'nibbled - 200 fabulous finger food ideas' by katy holder. think some of you might hv seen it in popular bookstore. there are a few books in this series like 'tempted', 'nibbled', 'iced' etc and i've got all 3 of them. and this has been on my "to-try" list for quite sometime, even before i got this book.

Salt & Pepper Calamari

this is quite an easy-peasy recipe and tastewise, not too bad but i find it abit sourish, something like salt & vinegar chips! mayb i marinated the squid in lemon juice for too long but still, this recipe's a keeper. i was also supposed to photograph the calamari with the lemon wedges but i forgot so i decided to do it separately :p

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