Matcha Marshmallows (Guimauve Thé Vert Matcha)


Matcha Marshmallows (Guimauve Thé Vert Matcha)

having made marshmallows a few times now, this has gotta be my utmost favorite. when it comes to very sweet confections like macarons and marshmallows, i like pairing them with bitter ingredients like dark chocolate and tea to balance out the sweetness. compared to all desserts made using matcha, this one is the most apparent in matcha flavor and aroma so its really good.

Matcha Marshmallows (Guimauve Thé Vert Matcha)

apart from the wonderful flavor and texture, i like the fact that the author of the blog where i got the recipe from gave very precise instructions on how to make these, together with step-by-step photos. its also a short recipe compared to most marshmallow recipes where they're mostly lengthy and can be intimidating for the novice.

the weather's been crazy lately, often raining heavily in the morning, the time when i usually photograph my bakes. as a result, i took photos of these at 4pm and due to the shadow cast, they look a weird shade of yellowish green, really different from the real thing. i'm totally not happy with the photos and i seriously looking forward to sunny days!

recipe source : dailydelicious

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