Matcha Black Sesame


i've been doing alot of sliced cakes lately. not that i'm terribly fond of them but i'm trying to practice on my cake slicing. slicing cakes may be a simple thing but to do them evenly and neatly? not easy! i seriously could use more practice but i can't possibly be baking everyday so its a shame really.

Matcha Black Sesame
matcha sponge, matcha mousse, black sesame mousse & sesame nougatine
anyway i was craving for a matcha cake and i decided to come up with my own "creation". each component is taken from a different recipe and for a moment i couldn't really decide what to pair it with. matcha is rather versatile and it goes well with either chocolate, adzuki bean, chestnut or black sesame but i decided to go with a black sesame mousse in the center coz i've not made it before.

Matcha Black Sesame
overall taste is good and much better than i anticipated! i really like this cake alot even tho' its put together using four different recipes and i had no idea what the outcome would be like. the sweetness is just right and the sesame nougatine gave it a nice buttery crunch. you can even crush the nougatine and add it in one of the layers if you like. i hv a liking for extremely strong matcha so that means i can add as much matcha as i want when i make my own cake. i must say that so far, all matcha cakes i've tasted outside are just really disappointing coz they just aren't potent enough. glad to hv found one right in my own kitchen. coupled with a good book and homemade matcha latte, life just can't get any better!

*recipe removed due to copyright restrictions.

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