Banchan 반찬 - Korean Side Dishes II


콩나물 무침

콩나물 무침 (kongnamul muchim)

kongnamul muchim, or korean seasoned soybean sprouts is another banchan that i'd often go for second or third helpings at a korean restaurant. i think this one is an acquired taste since it can taste rather raw and grassy to some people but i love it coz its like eating veggies and beans together. i like using soybean sprouts rather than the smaller mung bean sprouts for the crunch and texture but they're actually interchangeable for this dish. if you use mung bean sprouts, the name for it would be sukju namul (숙주 나물) instead.


김치전 (kimchi jeon)

i also made kimchi pancakes using the leftover kimchi juice i had from a previous batch of my homemade kimchi. i prefer this to the scallion ones coz the kimchi lends a sourish tang to the pancakes, making them very appetizing!

콩나물 무침

close-up of the kongnamul muchim. its been a long while since i used my macro lens and i've forgotten how close i can go towards the subject. i don't particularly fancy doing close-up shots of food like this but its just for fun.


and banchans i've made so far. closewise from top : kimchi, kongnamul muchim, kimchi jeon and myeolchi bokkeum.

i'm not sure what i'll be making next but there will definitely be a part three sometime so stay tuned for it :D recipe for the seasoned soybean sprouts can be found here and the kimchi pancakes here. i must say i really really like maangchi's recipes coz not only does she make cooking seem so easy but i'm always amazed when people could put measurements for cooking in writing. since everything is based on estimation and there would always be an opportunity for error, i'm really glad that it hasn't happened when i use maangchi's recipes. all her recipes are good and hv turned out well for me!

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