Chilling Out @ Arteastiq Tea Lounge


the concept of a shop-within-a-shop, or rather cafe-within-a-shop seems to be all the rage now. think hairloom & caramel, a cafe within a hair salon, jams cafe inside prologue bookstore and tea cosy inside eclectic attic, a furniture shop.

Arteastiq Tea Lounge, Singapore

arteastiq is the latest one to jump on the bandwagon. also nestled within a furniture shop that sells modern baroque/roccoco and neoclassical-inspired pieces, the gf and i decided to hv tea there on a lazy weekday afternoon. the place reminds me vaguely of the cookie museum but i like it better here, more modern and chic and a really cosy place for chillaxing.

Arteastiq Tea Lounge

the gf's pomelo tea ($11). i didn't try this but it smells really nice of jasmine green tea and citrus.

Arteastiq Tea Lounge

these two items i wish i never ordered! the whisky cioccolate with whisky cinnamon gelato ($14) was really lousy and overpriced. the drink wasn't smooth but icy with lotsa large ice crystals. i'd rather go starbucks at 1/2 the price. the curry chicken prata wrap was also not good, it tasted abit off.

Arteastiq Tea Lounge

the smoked salmon prata wrap was much much better! i can't believe they ran out of EVERYTHING on the small bites menu except for these two wraps. was really looking forward to try their crab salad & wagyu beef slices.

Arteastiq Tea Lounge

interior of the place with really good ambience. but lazy weekday afternoon...NOT. look at the crowd! i think the ambience will be much nicer on a rainy day or at night. will go back to try their floral and alcoholic teas nx time, i think their tea sets are too pretty! definitely one reason to entice people to drink tea and i really love their plush cushions and oversized armchairs.



333A Orchard Road
#04-14/15 Mandarin Gallery
website :

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  1. Prerna@IndianSimmer3:37 AM

    OMG! Are those photographs for real? You have amazing photography skills and LOVE your recipes as well :)
    Glad to have found you! Can't wait to learn more!

  2. r.e. ~12:00 AM

    Awesome shop. I would love to go there, the food looks amazing. Thanks for sharing. 


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