Strawberry Shortcake


Strawberry Shortcake

i made a strawberry shortcake for my friend huiyi's birthday and this is by far my best attempt. i've always shyed away from anything to do with whipped cream mainly for two reasons - i tend to overwhip the cream to the point that it splits and secondly, i just don't hv the talent in frosting whole cakes. when i found the solution to these two major problems, i jumped at the opportunity to make one again. with regards to overwhipping the cream, my pastry chef gf told me to whisk it on high speed, never mind that the bowl and beaters are not chilled. it worked! secondly i read that instead of frosting the cake painstakingly, you could pour the cream into a mousse ring like you would an entremet. that worked too!

Strawberry Shortcake

no innard pics this time as i'm giving the cake away. as much as i'm happy with how the cake looks, the only complaint is i don't really like the genoise sponge (i used the recipe from okashi treats). i'm still on the lookout for a really soft and cottony one like canele's or bakerzin's but i'm keeping my fingers crossed that the birthday girl will like it anyhow!

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