Matcha Milk Jam


i made matcha milk jam yesterday and wow, this is probably one of the best things i've made in a while! milk jam is something like a dulce de leche or confiture de lait where milk and sugar is cooked to a caramel-ish consistency. i was wondering if it would turn out like matcha flavored condensed milk but heck no, it was so much better. japanese milk jam don't come cheap and its probably around 10-15 bucks a 200g bottle. with something so easy to make, there's no reason to buy at all.

left : freshly made and right, where it has been refrigerated overnight and spread on toast. it was soooo good! the jam firmed up substantially and it became somewhat like a paste and is less runny. the taste is amazing, its like matcha caramel, very creamy. with so much sugar and so little matcha (i only used 1/2 tsp), it was suprisingly not as sweet as i expected it to be.

making this requires some patience, since you need to stir it constantly on low heat for 15-20 mins until the mixture thickens but its so easy to do. basically you add hot water to the matcha to dissolve it, then add cream, sugar and milk and bring it to a boil. you can have it on toast, scones, or add it to milk to make matcha latte. you can even use it as a macaron filling so its pretty versatile. the recipe makes way too little by the way, it barely fills half a jar so feel free to double it.

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