Caramel Poire


caramel pear entremet

i was supposed to make this entremet together with my friend A but due to conflicting schedules we were never able to make it. as you can probably tell, i hardly make entremets these days. everything seemed like a "been there, done that" for me. i mean, do i wanna make YET another berry entremet? nope. matcha, chocolate, hazelnut, pistachio? meh. right now, if i ever make one, i want to work with flavor combinations i've not tried before. this one is a good example. i have had pretty good results working with caramel (bergamote and hidemi sugino's bresilienne) so pear caramel seemed like a good flavor combination.

layers from bottom are hazelnut almond joconde sponge, caramel mousse, pear mousse, caramel liquid soaked pear compote. this one was really good, very light despite it has so much egg yolk in it. i always have tons of egg yolks left after macaron orders so this recipe is good for getting rid the leftovers.

this entremet is good because it doesn't require any seasonal ingredients. it uses canned pears so you can make it anytime. it also contains pear liqueur which i believe most of us will not have, so for the imbibage i just used the syrup from the can. this is also the 3rd recipe from chef koji yamamoto of patisserie planetes. i've tried making the fraise exotique and vanille rouge and they were awesome! recipe from cake chef.

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