Cow-Patterned Cookies


Cow-Patterned Cookies

i've been seeing (and buying) lots of korean-authored cookbooks lately. at first glance they could easily be mistaken for japanese ones because the recipes and style of pictures look pretty similar but i actually think they're more interesting since the korean ones incorporate more unusual ingredients, plus lots of fruit and vegetables into their bakes. think fresh grape tart, tomato yogurt mousse verrines and purple sweet potato jam. their photography also look way better! so its japanese for entremet books and korean for the more homey bakes. this cookie caught my eye because it looks really cute. i've seen iced cookies in this manner but not one where bits of torn cocoa dough are scattered randomly on top of plain dough and then rolled out to create this gorgeous pattern.


i was eager to try out but didn't have a cow shaped cookie cutter. no idea where to buy one too so i took a picture of one online, traced it out on an acetate sheet, place it on top of the dough and cut out the shape. i guess thats what someone desperate would do lol. i thought it was ok, didn't really look like a cow but more like a sheep or pig but it was still cute. this is also the first time i've tried an eggless condensed milk cookie recipe which is basically just butter, flour and condensed milk. it was amazing! the dough was firm enough to cut out without any refrigeration and also did not spread one bit after baking. tasted very good too. am sticking to this recipe in future! the only thing is because the dough was so firm, it was hard to knead in the cocoa powder properly, resulting in the uneven color of the spotted part. what a shame. i guess i would use less cocoa powder in future.


my collection of chinese translated korean cookbooks. i love them to bits! this cookie recipe is taken from the one on the bottom right.

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