Greek Yogurt



lately i've been really crazy over greek yogurt. i find it creamier and less sour compared to the usual plain unflavored yogurt and i've been eating it regularly these days. its really versatile and you could dress it up any way you want. flavored yogurt from the supermarkets are too sweet and sugar laden and adding just a bit of fruit compote or jam to greek yogurt really makes it taste like storebought and but so much better.

Yogurt Parfait

i also like layering it into a parfait. whole grain granola at the bottom, followed by greek yogurt, korean honey yuzu tea marmalade, chopped strawberries and glammed it up with a touch of gold foil. if you haven't tried yogurt with korean yuzu tea marmalade you should! its tastes like lemon cheesecake and is so yummy! i used to have tummy troubles but ever since eating yogurt i find that i don't get bloating and stuff so much anymore. it also altered my tastebuds so i can't really stomach very sweet things these days. the girlfriend gave me a pack of seasoned seaweed the other day i found it hard to eat, it was like really overseasoned, too sweet and salty at the same time. but its a good thing for sure!

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