Mitarashi Dango II みたらし団子


Mitarashi Dango みたらし団子

i wanted to make mitarashi dango again after my first attempt was less than satisfactory. i remember the first recipe i tried, the joshinko to shiratamako was 2:1 and it was really tough and chewy. a few of my readers who made it said the same thing. this time round, i came across another recipe that looks relatively different from the traditional one. there's no skewering, no grilling so its basically just dango served in a bowl with sauce poured on top. the proportion of joshinko to shiratamako was 1:2 so i thought, why not? i bet this recipe would be better and it was!

Mitarashi Dango みたらし団子

first of all, the texture of the dango is so much better, soft and chewy with a nice bite. the sauce is also really good and doesn't use ingredients like mirin nor dashi stock. just plain ol' soy sauce, sugar and potato starch. if i had more time on hand, i would grill the dango to give it a crispy exterior. otherwise, its still really really good!

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