Crêpe Suzette クレープ・シュゼット


Crêpe Suzette クレープ・シュゼット

crêpe suzette is a traditional french dessert consisting of a crêpe with an orange sauce, topped with orange liqueur then serve flambéed. though a dessert, i made these for breakfast this morning (without the flambé of course) and it was really good.

Crêpe Suzette クレープ・シュゼット

even though crepês are relatively easy to make, i find them still rather intimidating. first of all, its kinda hard to do them really thinly, and secondly, flipping is always a problem for me. greasing the pan generously helps in both getting them to peel off easily from the pan and also to get that lacy browned pattern all around. the sauce was really really good, almost like a marmalade but creamier coz it has butter. i'm so making this again soon.

i find myself referring to japanese recipes more and more often these days. somehow, perhaps i'm getting influenced by them both in terms of taste and presentation, i don't randomly google for recipes anymore. there are a few japanese websites i reguarly turn to when i need recipes and some of the good ones are cookpad, rakuten and cuoca. this recipe is from cookpad and i can literally spend hours just browsing the amazing (yet simple) recipes there.

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