Tofu Rare Cheesecake 豆腐のレアチーズケーキ


my favorite youtube channel cooking with dog posted this recipe of a tofu rare cheesecake recently and i was delighted. haven't tried incorporating tofu in my desserts just yet and i figured out i should!

Tofu Rare Cheesecake 豆腐のレアチーズケーキ

this recipe is really simple and the result is spectacular! it uses equal amounts of cream cheese, plain yogurt and tofu and you really can't taste the tofu in there! the 1st time i made it i followed the recipe's proportions and i found it too tangy for my liking and felt like i was eating yogurt cake instead. so this time i reduced the amount of yogurt to 50g and increased the tofu to 150g. it was awesome! so much less yogurty and much more creamy. i also added some lemon and orange zest, making it a citrus flavored tofu cheesecake and it was really nice.

i also substituted the powdered gelatin for sheet. to do that, i warmed the whipping cream then add the bloomed gelatin sheets into the cream. full recipe is written on the video's description box so go check it out!

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