Miss Albion ミス・アルビオン


Miss Albion ミス・アルビオン

this is hidemi sugino's miss albion, a chocolate and mint mousse cake which i've made recently and clean forgotten about it. i've been really busy the past few weeks and before i knew it, i've neglected my blog for almost a month. got a few emails asking if i've decided to stop blogging. of course not!!

Miss Albion ミス・アルビオン

i had some frozen chocolate joconde left from making the rouge entremet so i used that. the chocolate mousse was thick and luscious albeit a little too thick for my liking. due to my oversight i overlooked that the mint mousse was supposed to make up 3/4 of the entremet and the chocolate mousse, 1/4. i made them half-half like this and the chocolate mousse was definitely overpowering. but overall it was good and pretty simple to make.

attempted 9 hidemi sugino recipes so far! hopefully i'll be able to try out everything from the book. all were delicious but if i had to choose, the most memorable ones were the b-caraibe, charme and ambroisie. i guess you can't really say no to chocolate ;)

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