Japanese Hotcakes ホットケーキ


Japanese Hot Cakes ホットケーキ

today, i finally plucked up the courage to attempt another pancake recipe and this time, a japanese one. ever since i succeeded in making those fluffy pancakes sometime back and gotten rave reviews from many readers, i didn't dare experiment anymore. therefore i've been sticking to the same recipe for the past 3 years but i'm so glad i tried these coz they were so good! i can safely say my favorite pancake recipe has now found its match. these japanese hotcakes or hottokēki are thicker and sweeter than their western counterpart and dare i say, better. they're really popular in japan and many people use the morinaga pancake mix but making them from scratch is actually pretty easy and rewarding.


hmmmm, fluffy!

i thought i was gonna fail again at pancakes since i never had much luck with them but these turned out really well. the difference between this and the normal pancakes is that that it uses yogurt, cake flour instead of plain plus slightly more baking powder. recipe also requires you to drop the batter from a certain height (preferably say, 30cm/12in or so). this weird(?) action probably resulted in fluffier and thicker pancakes. they're really moist, fluffy and nicely scented with vanilla.


i got the recipe from this japanese website which features TONS of japanese sweets. with this website i don't think we all need to buy anymore japanese cookbooks! all of them look so good and come with step by step instructions and even calorie counts. how sweet is that? can't wait to try out other recipes!

once again, i don't understand a word of japanese and google translate didn't help much hence i just guessed the steps. not sure if what i did was according to the recipe but my way turned out well so i think thats all it matters.

recipe source : 簡単お菓子レシピ cake recipe

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