Chaleur Entremet


Chaleur Entremet

this is the entremet i mentioned that it took me almost a month to complete. i usually complete my entremet within a day so this is the first (and hopefully the last time) i'm gonna do this. also, this is also the first time i'm using entremet recipe from a blog. when it comes to long and complicated recipes, i don't usually like taking them from blogs for fear that certain ingredients or steps would be missed out. i mean i'm guilty of it at times, not deliberately of course. sometimes i tend to overlook certain things, luckily it doesn't happen too often and my readers have always been kind (and forgiving) enough to point out my mistakes. anyway, i saw this recipe from dailydelicious' blog and it was so beautiful i just had to attempt it myself.


from bottom : pistachio biscuit sponge, white chocolate mousse, strawberry gelee, strawberry mousse and strawberry milk glaze

basically, this is a strawberry white chocolate entremet and what captivated me was the strawberry milk glaze. overall, the taste was good and was even better after i left it in the fridge for two days to mature. i tweaked the recipe a little by substituting ground pistachio for the sponge instead of ground almonds since pistachio and strawberry go well together. i also ran out of white chocolate couverture so i used cadbury dream. it was still good! the only complaint i had was that the strawberry mousse was rather broken and loose, as you can see from the pic. i'm not sure if it was due to the fact that strawberry puree was used in place of water for the italian meringue or what but i didn't quite enjoy that component. hubby had to tease me and said it looked like SPAM :( he also said the innards looked like italy's flag! grr. other than that, i was happy with it. oh and, i must talk about the sponge. it tasted exactly like financier! if i knew i would have cooked the butter to make beurre noisette.


original recipe was from a tokyo patisserie called patisserie l'abricotier and posted in cafe sweets, a japanese magazine. since i don't own the magazine, i don't have any info on the patisserie, therefore i went googling and found this comprehensive site with lotsa pictures on their entremets and stuff. was totally surprised that their cakes are not very expensive! at about S$5-$6 per entremet, its even much cheaper than what some of our local patisseries are offering. have made a mental note to visit the shop if i ever visit tokyo.

decor wise, the large pink circles were originally supposed to be macarons but as you know, the last thing i wanna make now are macarons so i used pink-tinted white chocolate instead. i realize i'm getting better at glazing entremets now but i still have problem transferring them from the wire rack to the cardboard base after glazing. i'm using two spatulas to ease them slowly onto the base but i still topple them sometimes when lifting them at an angle. i think thats probably the most stressful part of entremet making, luckily the somewhat messy bases are covered up by whatever decor so its not too bad.

*recipe removed due to copyright restrictions.

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