Macarons from Sadaharu AOKI, Paris


Macarons from Sadaharu AOKI, Paris

my friend claire went to paris again to visit her fiancé's family and i got more sadaharu AOKI's macarons this time yay!! this is my third time having them this year (so lucky) and not just that, i got to try three cakes from there as well!

Macarons from Sadaharu AOKI, Paris

claire said she got me different flavors this time but i couldn't really tell since they looked pretty similar from previously.

Macarons from Sadaharu AOKI, Paris

the one at the top, think it was coffee and the bottom, earl grey. both were really good i felt like i just died and went to macaron heaven! i should hv requested her to get me the yuzu one :( anyway im gonna slowly savor the rest :p

the 3 cakes claire got me (bamboo, which is matcha opera, matcha adzuki dome & sesame matcha) were unfortunately toppled and squashed during baggage check by the customs officer at airport in paris (she said the parisians are really nasty & rude lol) so i didnt manage any photos. they were really good as well but unlike most japanese desserts, the ones i tried were hardly light and airy, probably to cater to the french tastebuds?

now i need AOKI desserts from tokyo! that shall be my resolution for nx year :p

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