Berry Pavlova


Berry Pavlova

ever since taking a liking on macarons many years back, i started appreciating other meringue-based desserts like pavlova, tarte citron and marshmallows as well. this is the one i usually make when i want a sweet-tooth quick fix coz its so effortless and easy to make. this time round, i came across the idea of doing red marbled swirls from a food mag and was immediately taken to it. it makes the otherwise plain meringue look lively and whimsical.


the reason why i love pavlova is also due to its contrasting textures. the whipped cream makes all the difference, giving the dessert a cool creamy mouthfeel and balances the cloying sweetness of the meringue. one thing i do not understand is the addition of the cornstarch and vinegar. any idea why they're used?

recipe adapted from donna hay's modern classics 2

*recipe removed due to copyright restrictions.

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